Review of the pentesting course at provides free online training courses in certain fields, among them security related. I have just been through the Penetration testing and ethical hacking course and I thought I would write a few notes on it.

The course is taught by Leo Dreiger who seems pretty knowledgeable. It includes 19 modules where some has more content than others. The sessions I most enjoyed were the whiteboard sessions where Leo talks about the specific subject. He does this quite well and offers some good advice along the way.

As for the particular tool demonstrations, I do not find them as interesting. Especially the ones that highlights vulnerabilities in Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I can understand the concept of demo environments but Windows 2000 seems a bit too outdated to be of interest. Also, modules like Denial of Service seems to be me a little out of scope. I would find it very odd if I were to perform a denial of service attack as part of a pentesting assignment. Knowing about denial of service is good, but running LOIC in a demo is perhaps not what I expected to find in a course about penetration testing.

There are two tools that to me are the bread and butter of penetration testing, those being Metasploit and SET. Neither of these tools are demonstrated in this course. They seem to be featured in other courses on but I found it a bit disappointing never the less.

I guess it really boils down to what you expect to see in any course, and for me there were both pros and cons, but it is how it usually is with any form of training.

Overall though, the course is free, as are any courses on so I would still recommend anyone visiting their site and see for themselves. I think the idea behind, providing free IT training is great and benefits all. So, I will stick around and check out other courses, I suggest you give it a try if you feel you need some training for yourself.